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Media Coverage

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 logo_Bloomberg6/28/2018 - Trade credit has never been as popular in the US as it has been in Europe and other regions, but Euler Hermes is looking to challenge old perceptions with growth initiatives in the US and Canada. (read more)
 logo_Bloomberg6/1/18 - The May 2018 jobs report was overwhelmingly positive, and EHNA Chief Economist Dan North spoke with the Wall Street Jouornal about what this means for employers and the economy as a whole (read more).
 logo_Bloomberg5/1/18 - Peter Quinn, Head of EH Surety, spoke with Risk & Insurance about how contruction companies are using Surety to boost their business (read here).

4/6/18 - EHNA Chief Economist Dan North spoke with Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman about the challenges employers are having finding employees for open positions (listen here - click the second clip on the page).

 logo_Bloomberg4/6/18 - The weak March 2018 jobs report added more volatility to the recent tumult in markets. Dan North, Chief Economist for Euler Hermes North America, spoke with The Washington Post about the situation (read more).
 logo_Bloomberg3/23/18 - After the Trump Administration announced their plans to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum, EHNA Chief Economist Dan North was on-hand with NBC News to provide some context (read more).
 logo_Bloomberg3/21/18 - In 2018, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates and indicated that at least two more increases would likely be in the future. According to Euler Hermes North America Dan North, it’s highly possible the interest rate could increase four times in 2018 (read more).
 logo_Bloomberg 3/13/18 - Paul McIntyre, head of surety/bonding for EH Canada, shared his expertise about the changing market dynamics for surety bonds in Ontario (read more).
 logo_Bloomberg3/2/2018 - EHNA Chief Economist Dan North talked to NBC News about the possible implications of steel and aluminum tariffs on American businesses (read the full article).
 logo_Bloomberg2/9/18 - Pat McKinnon, EH Energy, spoke with The Risk Desk about how energy producers can leverage credit insurance to expand their business (read more).


​​12/20/17 - Dan North, EHNA Chief Economist, discussess tax reform and investment incentives with Bloomberg Markets (listen here​).


​​​12/20/17 - Dan North, EHNA Chief Economist, spoke with Barron's about the new tax bill and the impact it could have on the housing industry (read more).


​​12/20/17 - Dan North, EHNA Chief Economist, spoke with Fox Business about the GOP tax bill and the impact it could have on the housing industry (read more).

logo-nyt-small 11/3/17 - Dan North, EHNA Chief Economist, shared his insights about the October 2017 Jobs report (read more).
logo-NBCNews 11/2/17 - EHNA Chief Economist Dan North spoke about President Trump's nomination of Jorome "Jay" Powell to replace Janet Yellen as the Chair of the Federal Reserve (read more).
10/12/17 - Ludovic Subran, chief economist at Euler Hermes and global head of macroeconomic research at Allianz, discussed what the world is like 10 years after the Global Financial Crisis (read more).
logo-NBCNews 10/6/17 - Dan North, EHNA Chief Economist, discusses how the active hurricane season affected unemployment numbers in the Sept. 2017 jobless report (read more).
logo-TheStreet 9/29/17 - EH North America Chief Economist Dan North shared his views as Q3 came to a close and markets looked to the possibility of tax reform (read more).
logo_Bloomberg ​9/28/17 - EHNA Chief Economist Dan shared his outlook on a potential third rate hike by the Fed in December, economic growth, tax reform and the increasing skills mismatch (listen here).
logo-CNN-Money ​9/7/17 - EH Chief Economist Dan North shared his thoughts about how Hurricane Harvey would affect jobs (read more).
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​​9/6/17 - EH Americas CEO James Daly authored this column to offer advice to businesses in the event they suffer a non-payment (read the full article). 
logo-IBC 8/17/17 - EH Canada CEO David Dienesch discusses the “big secret” of credit insurance, the differentiator to grow sales (read more).

8/16/17 - EHNA Chief Economist Dan North offered his outlook on the Fed and potential 2017 interest rate increases during an 8 minute interview on Bloomberg Markets​ (listen here).
logo-NBCNews 8/1/17 - Dan North​, chief economist at Euler Hermes North America spoke with NBC about what might be behind Wall Street's record highs - and what might happen if we see a correction soon (read more).

RiskInsurance 7/31/17 - EH Americas CEO James Daly is featured in this comprehensive article about the credit insurance industry (read more​).
logo-Barrons 7/24/17 - ​EHNA Chief Economist Dan North shared his preview for the week ahead, which includes a Federal Reserve meeting and the first estimate of Q2 GDP (read more).
logo-TheStreet 7/23/17 - EHNA Chief Economist Dan North discussed his weekly outlook, suggesting that Q2 GDP could “come in as more of the dreary same” due in part to consumers’ reluctance to spend, even as confidence remains relatively high (read more).

logo-Crains-Chicago-Business 7/22/17 - Dan North, chief economist EHNA, talked to Chicago Business about why it's taking small manufacturers longer to be paid (read more).
logo-IBC 7//17/17 - EH Canada CEO David Dienesch discusses the “big secret” of credit insurance, the differentiator to grow sales (read more).
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7/17/17 - Our recent partnership with CRiskCo was highlighted. Read more (free login required).
logo-retail-dive 7/14/17 - EHNA Chief Economist Dan North commented following the Retail Sales Report, which saw the second month of declines. He remarked that “consumers still seem tentative,” and that a weak wage growth of 2.5% is tempering consumption (read more).

logo-TheStreet 6/4/17 - Dan North, chief economist at Euler Hermes North America, is looking past June's FOMC meeting and asking what the Fed might do with interest rates throughout the year. Read his latest comments in The Street (read more).
logo-NBCNews 6/1/17 - Dan North, chief economist at Euler Hermes North America, gave more insight into May's employment report with NBC News (read more).
logo-nyt 6/1/17 - The unemployment rate fell in May--but so did the labor-force participation rate. Is it enough to derail the Fed's plans to raise rates this month? EHNA Chief Economist Dan North spoke with The New York Times about what to expect (read more).
logo-TheStreet ​5/31/17 - What's behind Wall Street's recent exuberance? Dan North, EHNA Chief Economist, dives into some of the reasons in a recent interview with The Street (read more).
logo-TheStreet ​5/7/2017 - EH North America Chief Economist Dan North spoke with The Street about why retail reports were expected to be weak (read more).
logo-CNN-Money 5/5/2017 - EHNA Chief Economist Dan North talked about how the April jobs report could erase doubts from March’s weak numbers​ (read more).

5/5/2017 - Dan North, chief economist for Euler Hermes North America, discussed how strong employment could mean some businesses can’t find the employees they need​ (read more).
logo-wsj ​5/5/2017 - EH Americas CEO James Daly and EH customer Vision Business Products discusses the benefits of credit insurance both in mitigating risk and in helping companies strategically grow their business (read more).
logo-BusinessInsider 4/28/2017 - ​In this interview with Business Insider, EHNA Chief Economist Dan North discusses how the economy could be better than what the report shows – however, consumer spending is still missing from the picture​ (read more).
logo-CNN-Money ​​4/28/2017 - EHNA Chief Economist Dan North discusses whether or not the Trump administration's aspiration of 3% to 4% growth are possible
(read more).
4/1/2017 - EH Americas CEO James Daly details how businesses could benefit from a credit insurance policy (read more).
logo_Bloomberg 3/15/17 - Dan North, EHNA chief economist for EHNA, detailed ​the Federal Reserve’s decision earlier that day to increase interest rates​
(
logo-CNN-Money 3/15/17 - EHNA Chief Economist Dan North spoke about whether or not he felt the Fed should raise interest rates at their meeting later that day (read the full article).
logo-Pymnts 3/14/17 - Euler Hermes Americas CEO James Daly explains the importance of the EH/Flowcast partnership and the use of trade credit insurance (learn more).
logo_Insurance%20Business 3/7/2017 - ​Christophe Spoerry of EH Digital Agency and Ken So of Flowcast discuss our partnership
(read more).
logo_Bloomberg ​2/2/17 - In this Bloomberg Radio interview, EHNA Chief Economist Dan North explores the changing significance of the Fed under the Trump administration and more (listen here).

logo-TheStreet 2/2/17 - EHNA Chief Economist Dan North suggests there could be a surprise in the January 2017 Jobs Report and shares his expectations for the Fed this year (watch the video).
globalfinance-logo 1/18/17 - EH Group Chief Economist Ludovic Subran spoke about the potential effects of Donald Trumps’ presidency on trade (read more).
 logo-BusinessInsider 1/6/17 - December 2016's generally positive jobs report may put a bit of pressure on the Fed to raise rates. Chief Economist Dan North advises businesses to continue to prepare for 2 to 3 rate hikes in 2017 (read article​).