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U.S. Industry Outlooks



Our U.S. Industry Outlook reports are produced by our in-house Euler Hermes Risk Monitoring team and provide in-depth analysis, trends and forecasts on several key industries.



US Industry Outlook: Oil

Industry Outlook: Oil
February 2016​

The U.S. oil industry has still to gear up for looming turmoil despite an all-time high production. In December 2015, the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil price registered USD36.78 per barrel in the U.S. on a monthly average. On a yearly average, it amounted to USD48.76 per barrel in 2015 compared with USD101.57 per barrel in June 2014. We expect the WTI oil price will be lower in 2016 than in 2015, at USD37 per barrel on a yearly average. This stems from U.S. crude oil production leveling off at an all-time high of 9 million barrels a day and also because of very high levels of U.S. oil inventories (read full report​).​

US Industry Outlook: Retail

Industry Outlook: Retail
January 2016​

​​Disruptive consumer behavior forces U.S. retailers to rethink their business models. The U.S.​ retail market has enjoyed +5% growth per year since 2010 and is forecasted to reach USD 5.6tn in 2016, supported by strong customer confidence and increasing disposable income (read full report​).​

US Industry Outlook: Consumer Electronics
Industry Outlook: Consumer Electronics
January 2016

In 2016, the market will be boosted by new and ever more connected products. Despite the dazzling​ and sometimes confusing visions and concepts on offer in Las Vegas, the trade show made one thing very clear: the sector will continue to be driven by innovative products. Some of them are conceptual and will never move to the industrial stage, but others are success stories, like drones (+145% in units sold forecast in 2016) or 3D printing (+64% units sold expected in 2016); (read full report).


US Industry Outlook: Food
Industry Outlook: Food
November 2015
Low price of agrifood commodities weighs on US agrifood wealth in 2015, but the sector’s strong financial standing will help it pass through this temporary lull (read full report).

US Industry Outlook: Automotive
Industry Outlook: Automotive
September 2015
Euler Hermes expects further growth in automotive sales of 4% in 2015, to 17.5 million vehicles; the decline of unemployment and gas prices as well as the improvement of consumer confidence are playing key roles in the increase. For 2016, U.S. light vehicle sales could potentially peak or slightly decline by 1% vs. 2015 due to an expected interest rate hike (read full report).​
US Industry Outlook: Construction
Industry Outlook: Construction
July 2015
The construction industry continues to grow in 2015 by +6/7%, due to the strength of the American economy (read full report).
US Industry Outlook: Steel
Industry Outlook: Steel
July 2015
Euler Hermes expects a decrease in average annual production of -3/-4% in 2015 and yearly prices averaging -18% lower than 2014 mainly due to global overcapacity (read full report).