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Country Risk Reports


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Euler Hermes monitors risk in 245 countries and territories, looking for new patterns of growth, changes in social risk and demographic trends, increased interdependency and financial instability. Our vast knowledge network provides you with everything you need to know about your customers, your potential customers and your entire marketplace.

Our Country Risk Reports provide more in-depth data and detailed country risk analysis on the world’s 70 biggest economies’ economic profile. They are updated once per quarter following our Group Country Risk Committee meetings.
These risk reports include information on economic strengths and weaknesses, country rating, economic structure and policies, forecasts and more. More general information such as GDP, population and form of government are also included to provide a well-rounded country risk assessment.

The evaluation of the overall level of country risk is based on the Country Grade – a longer-term indicator that is measure of transfer and convertibility risk and of the quality of the business climate. It is determined by a combination of three analyses:
  • The Macroeconomic Rating – This assessment is based notably on analysis of: the structure of the economy, budgetary and monetary policy indebtedness, the external balance, the stability of the banking system and other similar factors.
  • The Structural Business Environment Rating – This rating is based on perceptions of the regulatory and legal framework, control of corruption and relative ease of doing business.
  • The Political Risk Rating – This piece is developed based notably on an analysis of: the mechanisms for transference of power and the processes for succession, the concentration of power, the effectiveness of policy, the independence of institutions, social cohesion, international relations and more.


The first two elements (the Macroeconomic and Structural business Environment Ratings) are used to calculate the Economic Risk Rating assigned to each country. This is, in turn, combined with the Political Risk Rating to make our Country Grade, on a six-level scale running from AA to D, in which AA is the least amount of risk and D is the highest.

This country grade is then combined with the short term alerts indicator, which is a combined measure of a country’s vulnerability in the short term to financing and cyclical risks.
There are ultimately four levels of overall country risk which are determined by crossing the country grade and the short terms alert indicator, on a scale of low, medium, sensitive and high. 


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