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Credit insurance can be essential to ensuring a small business’ continued success. It can provide powerful information and support that your business might not have otherwise.

› Medium and Large Companies

We provide your business with a flexible credit insurance solution that is tailored to fit your size, sector and business ambitions.

› Multinational Companies

Through Euler Hermes World Agency, we have the knowledge and specialists to support your business strategy with a worldwide credit management solution.

› Exporters

For companies that sell on an export basis, export credit insurance levels the global playing field.
Euler Hermes North America Insurance Company is the oldest and largest provider of trade credit insurance and accounts receivable management solutions. We offer services for both domestic and export business trade transactions, protecting clients against commercial and political risk in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. We also provide services to help companies of all sizes outsource their debt collection, risk management and credit management information needs.
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Maxime Lermerle talks about:
The Insolvency U-turn
This year will be remembered as a turning point: the world realized emerging markets are called emerging for a reason. After a five-year love story with the fatest-growing part of the world, time has come for a reality check.
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